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How to be an online celebrity in 3 simple steps

We all want to be famous, or have wanted at some point of time. However as the years passed by, the desire to be famous went lower and practicality set in. We started taking up education courses that made us realize that just breaking even in this highly competitive world is very difficult. However, that was all before the age of the internet. Since its conception, the internet has just been a booming source of sharing media globally and has played a vital role in the emergence of popular talent and stars. If you have a talent within you, there are a few steps you can easily take to be famous and known.


  1. Connect with the social media: The social media today is the powerhouse of sharing and almost all social interactions take place online from friendship, to dating, to matrimonial services. There is nothing that does not get visibility on social media and the first step to take is to join a good social media website. One of the currently most popular website is facebook, and facebook has enough people online to account for the largest fan base you could possibly have.
  2. Upload your content: Obviously, after you sign up with facebook, the next step would be to get your content online. Now depending on the nature of your content, you might want to make just a facebook account or you may want to make another account on a different website and then make a page about that website on facebook. For example, if you want to make videos you can make a YouTube account and then link that account to your facebook page that you can create so that your subscribers can talk to each other and connect with you.


  1. Get fans: This is the hardest part. Getting a fan following would have otherwise depended entirely on your content, and luck. The latter is more powerful nowadays since even artists that are really good at what they do are unnoticed on the internet. They need visibility and so do you. The conventional way of getting visibility is to get likes one by one. Facebook fans and followers do not come easily, and it takes a lot of time and energy to get likes on your site. However in this competitive business, if you take too long someone may beat you to it. You therefore need to be able to implement online marketing strategies. One of the easiest ways you can compete with others is to buy facebook fans. Once you buy facebook fans, your website will be credible and will appear on trending lists which will make people join it more. It is a very commonly used gimmick and is implemented the world over by thousands of people. Even facebook themselves ask you to advertise your website and pay for it so that you get visibility, which is in a way, buying fans. This method is popular because of its effectiveness and simplicity in process.

Facebook Graph Search App: Human judgement?

On the surface, the much-trumpeted Facebook Graph Search looks like an improvement to Facebook’s current search facility, which perhaps it is. But some commentators are lauding it as being something better than traditional web search.

“Which would you as a consumer prefer? Going to Google and searching for a plumber? Or going to Facebook and searching for a plumber that your friend has already used?” asks Mara Schneider, rather rhetorically.  The idea of being able to search your friends’ recommendations, experiences, interests and opinions certainly sounds useful, as long as you respect your friends’ opinions of course. Word of mouth is still considered the most trustworthy recommendation.

graph search

But really, even setting aside the ‘creepiness’ factor, do people only want to ever discover what their ‘friends’ have already discovered? Whatever happened to the spirit of research, of wanting to find out new things for ourselves, of serendipity?

Doing research on the web isn’t straightforward, it’s true – there is plenty of noise, marketing, bad information and rubbish to trawl through. It requires the ability to make value judgements about source material and provenance, the ability to compare differing information and opinions and make up your own mind. This isn’t hard and you don’t have to take a course on it. It just takes practice and experience.

But to give up on that and to be content to rely solely on information supplied through the combined filters of Facebook and your social media contacts seems like a very poor deal. I’ve never liked the restrictions of internet ‘walled garden’ communities, whether it’s the Chinese government blocking access to certain websites or AOL deciding what’s spam and what isn’t. Can we not make up our own minds?


From the point of view of organizations or businesses wanting to get even closer to their target audiences, it’s an added incentive to get liked and talked about on Facebook of course. And once they’re all there, it will be easier to sell them the advertising, which no doubt will in the future pepper Facebook Graph Search.

In the early days the internet seemed to offer unimaginable access to the world, to other cultures, new friendships and experiences, opportunities for learning and collaboration. But we were forgetting the participation inequality factor –  – the majority of people are passive consumers, and that passivity translates into ‘give us what we want as easily and as conveniently as possible – we won’t ask questions and the only cost we care about is monetary.’

It looks like Facebook users won’t have the capability of opting out of Graph Search. You can of course restrict what is public in your privacy settings. But Facebook knows that the passive majority either won’t bother to do that or won’t know how to.